The tallest and only Queen of Satpura

M.P.’s most verdant jewel

The bowl shaped hill station in Madhya Pradesh is widely famous as "Satpura ki Rani" (Queen of Satpura) is located in Hoshangabad district. It lies at a height of 1000m, as well the top point at Satpura and Vindhya Range. It is highly revered for jungles, watercourse and waterfalls that gets high on nature and give a relaxed feeling with the ecstasy environment.

Excursions in Pachmarhi

Pachmarhi is a popular summer getaway and holidaying destination for tourists in and around Madhya Pradesh. Invested with multitude blessings from nature, the place remains an ideal vacationing idyll throughout the year. Its bewitching surroundings, mottled with many places of tourist interest, make it a day-tripper's delight.

Detailed below are some locations that demand visitations during excursions and pleasure trips from Panchmarhi.

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Points of interest

Popular places in and around the city

  • Bee Fall / Jamuna Prapat

    A spectacular fall which gives a bee like shape from the top to the bottom. The bathing pools on the origin of the fall are worth enjoying.

  • Duchess Fall / Jalawataran

    A steep trek of almost 4km takes you to the most exiting fall of Pachmarhi which has natural pools just underneath the fall. Also known for its coverage in movies like ashoka (starring shahrukh khan and kareena kapoor).

  • Apsara Vihar / Fairy Pool

    Exciting and easily accessible fall with a shallow pool towards its base is an ideal picnic spot for families with small children.

  • Rajat Pratap / Big Fall

    A ten miniute adventure walk over the rocks from apsara vihar takes you to 'rajat prapat'. This beautiful fall is known for its massive look in the way it falls.

  • Irene Pool

    A beautiful stream goes underground through a cave and ends over a pool in a series of falls. This magnificent sight was discovered by Irene Bose and was named after her.

  • Sunder Kund / Saunder's Pool

    A dramatic experience of swimming in a natural pool can be enjoyed in 'sunder kund' which is a huge rocky pool situated in the Jambu Dwip stream.

  • Mahadeo

    Regarded as the holy place of lord Shiva since generations, it features excellent cave shelter with impressive Shivlinga. The Shivlinga overlooks a pool which is said to be always filled because of drops of water from the rocks which fall on the top of the Shivlinga. Mahadeo is also known as the place where Lord Shiva had ablaze Rakshasa Bhasmasur by making the Rakshasa keep his own hand on his head.

  • Chota Mahadeo

    Another sacred spot which features overhanging rocks is joyful point as it is sitwated in the valley with a small spring from which water flows down.

  • Chauragarh

    The Satpura's most prominent landmark is crowned with Trishuls offered by the worshipers to Lord Shiva. A 4 km trek from mahadeo takes you to the most sacred place in Pachmarhi.

  • Jata Shankar

    A sacred cave under a mass of loose boulders overlooks overhanging rocks which resembels the matted looks of Lord Shiva. This holy place is also the origin of the Jambu Dwip stream.

  • Crist Church

    Build in 1875 by the British, it is regarded as the most beautiful small church in Madhya Pradesh. It has a hemispherical dome on the top and the church does not contain even a single pillar for support. The stained glass planes on the rear wall presents a gorgeous view as the sun rays passes through them.

  • Catholic Church

    Build in 1892 by the British, the Catholic church is a blend of French and Irish architecture. Its Belgium stained glass windows add rare attraction and beauty to the building.

  • Pandav Caves

    Pachmarhi derives its name form these five ancient caves which are build in a sand stone rock and are said to be used by the five Pandav Brothers as their shelter.

  • Reechhgarh

    A wonderful natural amphitheatre in the rock approached through a cave like entrance.

  • Dhuandhar

    This cave is famous for its rock paintings (mostly in white), include a group of archers and animals.

  • Bhrant Neer / Dorothy Deep

    It offers beautiful animal paintings and yielded many pottery shards.

  • Astachal / Monte Rosa

    There are four shelters and six shelters towards the northern side with paintings of animals and humans, including a detailed battle scene.

  • Harper Cave

    So named after one of its paintings- a man seated and playing a harp.

  • Chieftains Cave

    Derives its name from a battle scene showing two chieftains on horses.

  • Kites Crag

    Offers some fine cave paintings the majority of which are in white and outlined with red.

How to reach

Plan your Travel

45 kilometres by road from Piparia station on the Indian Railways. Piparia is on the Itarsi Jabalpur train line, a 2 hrs train run from Jabalpur. Its main connection to the world is the road link through Matkuli. The 35 km Matkuli - Pachmarhi road is the only metalled road to Pachmarhi. The nearest airport is BHOPAL from where it has good road connectivity too.


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By Air

The nearest airports are Bhopal (195 km) and Nagpur (275 km), which are quite very well connected by regular flights from Delhi, Mumbai and Indore.

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By Rail

Nearest station Pipariya (50km) is on the Mumbai-Howrah via Allahabad. Trains connect Delhi, Agra, Mumbai, Indore, Bhopal, Gwalior, Jabalpur, Nagpur and Raipur.

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By Road

Pachmarhi is connected by regular bus and taxi sevices from Bhopal, Indore, Hoshangabad, Nagpur, Pipariya, Jabalpur, Raipur and Chhindwara.